Canada's Premium Drilling Services: Water-Well Drilling, Drilling, Coring, and Oil Sands Coring, with Warranty and Service. A Canadi

Dedicated to drilling and coring with the highest regard of safety and precision. 


Our Mission.

Altair specializes in providing integrated drilling and coring services that include everything from where our company had its start 35 years ago in the agricultural and domestic water well market to where we have grown and advanced our company to provide a variety of industrial drilling services, source water wells, disposal wells plus full and continuous core recovery operations for mining, oil sands and oil & gas operations.  

Over that last 20 years Altair has developed extensive experience working for energy producers.  We understand how things work in the oilfield and we can provide specialized drilling and water supply needs tailored to the oil and gas industry in addition to coring requirements in both the oil sands and in mining operations.

Our team consists of the most experienced, capable, and diligent professionals working in the field and extending that expertise to the benefit of our customers and client companies.  Altair’s cost-control services assure you premium-quality services, at cost-effective rates, irrespective of your budget.


Our highest priority is safely delivering the best product possible for our customers and clients and ensuring that our drilling, coring and water-well services reduce the time between project conception to completion of the job.

01. water-well DRILLING

Whether it’s water wells for agricultural and domestics needs where we offer Altair's “Ground to Tap™” service (that provides everything from drilling your water well to installation of the properly working water treatment and conditioning system), to source wells for oil and gas or industrial requirements, we have the full range of experience and capability in all of those areas to meet any request you may have.

02. industry drilling

Surface casing, shallow and deep pre-sets, environmental drilling, complex deep source and monitor well development, supply or source wells for the oil and gas sector, water well testing, large capacity pump installation with ESP testing, disposal wells and mining and exploration services are only a few of the industry drilling service offerings that our team is capable of delivering.


Our team has a track record of excellence providing coring services. With MSL coring, and Class1 or Class 3 BOP rigs that can core and provide mining drilling services, we can help you design a coring or delineation program that is a perfect fit for any project your organization may have.


We work with homeowners, property managers, businesses, the oil and gas sector and industrial clients to provide on-site support in addition to yearly review and servicing to any water-based projects.  Watch our website for future announcements of a new warrant and service product for water well protection that will be aimed at providing you with comprehensive and worry-free coverage of when your water well breaks.


A strong history of growth in Canada since 1982! 

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It's our safety-based culture and our people that have given Altair the successful operations track record it is proud to share. Altair knows the importance of proper site care and maintenance and our team of experienced, capable, and diligent professionals working in the field optimize our services to suit the domestic and industrial needs of our client base.

Not only do we go out of our way to ensure that our expert team is well-protected, but that you, those around you, and your property are as well.  Our crews are fully certified to meet all current regulatory work requirements, plus the additional stringent oil and gas site working requirements mandated by the oil and gas industry, and they are supplied with regular training to remain current and up to date. We provide comprehensive education for certification from WHIMIS, TDG, Fall Arrest, H2S Alive, First Aid and Confined Space all the way through to company specific education requirements for operating on oil and gas sites.  Altair Water and Drilling also currently holds an Enform COR certification, and we are a member in good standing with ComplyWorks and ISNetworld.

Regardless of your needs, Altair Water and Drilling is here to provide you the fastest, most efficient, and reliable drilling services in Western Canada, built on a foundation that is 30 years strong and designed not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them.