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Safety. Live it everyday. It's that simple.

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Health and Safety.

At Altair Water and Drilling Services Inc. the protection of our employees, client’s property, the general public and the environment are a priority with extensive safety programs and procedures in place that are continually updated and practiced forming the basis of a safety-based culture.

Altair holds Enform COR certification, are members in good standing with ComplyWorks and ISNetworld and have adopted an electronic-based safety program which allows easy access to all of our safety documentation for our employees as well as our clients.

Our transportation is federally regulated and we have been using electronic log books since Jan 2018.

With these systems in place, the management at Altair Water is confident that we will meet and exceed all of our clients’ requirements and be leaders in HSE no matter where we are.

Our Certified Employees:

Altair’s experienced water well drillers, service technicians and rig crews are journeyman water well drillers certified in: second line oil well supervision, ground disturbance, rig rescue and hold, special oil well boiler certification,  WHIMIS certification, TDG certification, fall arrest certification, H2S alive certification, first aid certification, and confined space certification.

Altair has also integrated safety into the daily operations of the company using the following systems:

  • Daily and weekly HSE reports.
  • Proactive Efforts Indicator Ratio (PEIR).
  • Hazard Assessment Training.
  • Engineering Controls (iron roughnecks and pipe skates to eliminate the hands-on handling of job tasks on the rigs).
  • Incident Investigation Process (use of a root cause investigating (SCAT) tool to thoroughly investigate near misses and incidents and make satisfactory changes to ensure it does not happen again).
  • Journey Management Plan/Fleetmatics (workers travelling to and from worksites monitored for safe arrival at destination).
  • DROP’s Program (protocol used to monitor and ensure over-head equipment is secured properly).
  • On the Job Training Tracking and Competency Evaluations (A documented record of all on the job training received by each employee and a documented evaluation of their competency).
  • Preventative Maintenance Program (online tracking system that helps ensure equipment is maintained properly and kept in top working condition).

The certifications and systems listed are a sample of what Altair does to ensure that safety is the first thought and the first step in everything we do.  And, when required, Altair will supplement their safety protocols to meet any unique or specific standards that may be employed by their clients and customers.

This diligence to safety has allowed Altair to meet and consistently exceed client requirements and Altair has established itself as a leader in HSE.