Canada's Premium Drilling Services: Water-Well Drilling, Drilling, Coring, and Oil Sands Coring, with Warranty and Service. A Canadi


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What we do.

Water-well Drilling.

Altair had its start 35 years ago in the agricultural and domestic water well market before it expanded into the industrial market 20 years ago providing specialized drilling and water supply needs tailored to the oil and gas industry.   We offer a variety of water well drilling services including: domestic and industrial water well drilling, screened wells, water well abandonment services, well washouts, well shock treatments, yearly regulatory water well maintenance, large capacity well installations and much more.

Altair offers a “Ground to Tap™” service for rural businesses, households, and agriculture facilities. We provide a complete and integrated package that includes everything from drilling your water well to setting you up with the properly sized pump right through to the installation of any required water treatment and conditioning systems in order to make sure to insure you have plenty of properly conditioned and treated water ready at your tap.

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Altair takes pride in being an integrated drilling services provider for the oil and gas industry. 

Surface casing, shallow and deep pre-sets (with large diameter capacity), environmental drilling, complex deep source and monitoring well drilling and development, water supply or water source wells for the oil and gas sector, water well testing, large capacity pump installation with ESP testing, disposal wells, abandonments and exploration services are only a few of the oil & gas industry drilling service offerings that Altair’s team is capable of delivering.

Regardless of the challenge or the client needs, Altair will provide the best solution for all of your drilling program requirements.

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When we are involved with a coring program, Altair’s main objective is to provide an action plan that will increase the value of your operation. Working with many tier one organizations, our team has coordinated to design integrated coring programs that provide the client with the best value and what is best suited for their needs. We apply our coring and delineation drilling services in a variety of sectors with a primary focus on mining and oil and gas projects and we guarantee high value core recovery in our operations. 

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oil sands coring.

Our coring programs create the most cost efficient solution for large-scale oil sands operations. We do this by using our small footprint rigs to reduce costs of crew, reduce cost of mobilization, and reduce the environmental impact.

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warranty and Service.

We work with homeowners, property managers, businesses, the oil and gas sector and industrial clients to provide on-site support in addition to yearly review and servicing to any water-based wells and water treatment and conditioning equipment installations.

Watch our website for future announcements of a new warrant and service product for water well protection that will be aimed at providing you with comprehensive and worry-free coverage of when your water well breaks.  This program will include variations of yearly or quarterly site reviews, twenty-four-hour service requests, and a guarantee that an emergency water supply gets to your tap within twenty-four hours to help you deal with your well issue while we get you back up and running again. 

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We can do a lot more than you think.

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Service Offerings.

A collection of some of the services we provide:

  • 100% Electronic Safety Management System
  • Anode bed holes
  • Casing extensions for well pits
  • Cistern tank installation
  • Complete Pressure System Installation
  • Coring Services
  • Disposal wells
  • ESP Testing
  • Federal Transportation Carrier
  • Frack Water Supply
  • Industrial Water Supply Wells
  • Large diameter Pre-Set Casing
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Pitless Adapter Installation
  • Pre-Drill Piles
  • Pressure tank repairs and replacement
  • Pump installation and repair. We are a registered Grundfos Dealer.
  • Rigs capable of drilling to 1200M
  • Shallow Gas Drilling
  • Surface Casing Pre-Setting
  • Water Conditioning Systems
  • Water Well Pre and Post Testing
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Water Wells
  • Well Abandonments
  • Wells for dewatering operations

  • Well Rehabilitation and Deepening
  • Well Shocking
  • Yard Hydrants Repair and Installation
  • Yearly Water Well Maintenance